About The Trail Riders

The Trail Riders group was created in 2012 by John Blouin. He was a member of an Atv Club out of Massachusetts called the Trail Hogs. The Trail Hogs had a falling out and eventually closed its doors. The Atv Club meant everything to him. He was deeply saddened by this event. John met with some of the members of the old group and told them about his idea to start his own group. They all quickly told him it was a great idea. He then formed the MA Trail Riders. He worked on trying to get all the old members back together. We did lose the land that we had and we could not get it back. For a few years we looked all over the place for more land to ride. Massachusetts is a very difficult place to achieve this due to the very strict laws. We decided to change the direction the group was going and expand it to cover the New England area.¬† We love to go on group rides and ride with other people that have the same love for the sport as we do. We decided to create a page on Facebook and a website to help people get together. After a year the group exploded, It went from 15 people to well over 500. Our little group rides turned into larger rides. We would ride all over New Hampshire and surrounding states. Now six years after the creation of the Trail Riders we have almost 4000 members and we do group rides and events all over New England. The group puts on events, charity rides and raffles. The group has donated to towns and other clubs. We are quickly growing to be the largest ATV group¬† in New England. Don’t miss out on any of the action that the Trail Riders are doing . Join the closed Facebook page today and never miss out on the action. You never know who you may meet and what Adventure You Will Go On!


Trail Riders Atv and Utv Club

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